Roof Inspection And Maintenance

Image result for cleaning guttersAs a homeowner, we want to save money as much as possible. We make sure that everything can be maintained and that no problems will come our way. As problems usually involves money matters. One thing that in our home that needs to be maintained in order to save money is the roof.

Roof maintenance can be easy as long as we make sure that everything is in good condition and, of course, it is kept clean. Regular maintenance check should also be done in order to detect damage for immediate repair or replacement. If you have no idea about roof maintenance and repair, learn some tips from here:

5 Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Roof Leaks

One of the most common and costly issues homeowners call on a contractor for is to fix a leaky roof. Not surprisingly, most property owners do not have the expertise (or desire) to get onto their roofs and look for problems themselves.

However, even for a professional, the source of a leak can be elusive because it rarely lines up with where the water is getting into the home. Contractors need to become detectives to correctly identify the source of a leak and understand the path that water travels.

You can hire a reliable roofer to do the regular roof maintenance check for you or you can do it by yourself as long as you know what you are doing and observe safety while you’re at it. You can also click here for more roof replacement, inspection and maintenance tips. Roof inspection can be a dangerous task so make sure you are experienced when planning on doing it. Here’s how to inspect your roof to get ahead of problems:

Inspecting Your Roof to Get Ahead of Problems

A roof inspection is one of those preventative maintenance jobs that’s easy to overlook. Don’t. Add a once-a-year reminder on your calendar to go out on a warm day and fix any problems you find.

If you’re squeamish about heights, don’t worry. You can do a thorough inspection from the ground using a pair of binoculars.

Make sure that roof problems are repaired immediately to avoid further damage. Keeping the roof and gutters clean can also help in maintaining it. Roofs that are well maintained will keep you safe and secured in different weather conditions for a long time.

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Things to do in Scranton PA

Nay Aug Park


The largest park in Scranton, Pennsylvania is the Nay Aug Park. An amusement park on the site closed in the 1900s but a small part of it still operates near the swimming pool complex. The park also houses the Nay Aug George, the Everhart Museum and the two Olympic-sized swimming pools. It also had a zoo back then.

The two Olympic-sized swimming pools can be found at the park and was recently renovated. The pool now offers two diving boards and two water slides. Admission is free throughout the year.

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Houdini Museum

houdini-museum-scrantonThe Houdini Museum is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The longest engagement of Houdini’s career was in this area of northeast Pennsylvania when he spent two full seasons with the Welsh Brothers Circus. He performed at Sylvester Z. Poli’s theater in Scranton which was part of the Keith-Albee-Orpheum circuit at that time.

The Houdini Tour, show and museum is a popular attraction in Scranton. Memorabilia, artifacts, mannequins and films of Houdini are some of what the museum features. A tour and show takes about two and a half to three hours.

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