When Is It Time To Call Your Roofer For Repair

There are some homeowners who are very particular with what’s happening with their homes. These are the ones who immediately contact a professional when something’s wrong while some tend to ignore problems and obvious warning signs. Maybe because they don’t have the money for repair yet or they thought that it won’t lead to a much bigger problem.

This particular scenario happens with roof problems. Some homeowners ignore the dirt accumulated on gutters or small leaks without knowing that these things can cause greater damages in the long run and they will be spending much on roof repair check this out.

The question mostly asked about roof problems is when is it time to call a roofer? Well, the answer to your question is here:

Time To Call The Roof Repair Guy? These Tips Will Tell You When

To keep your roof in good standing for years to come, here are four things you should know about maintaining them:

  1. When to go pro. Alyssa Hall from GAF roofing, an expert on all things related to our houses’ shingles, says to do a visual inspection of your roof several times a year. Call a professional if you see streaking stains on the shingles, curled or buckled shingles, areas on the roof missing granules or rusted flashings. Water stains in the attic or moss or mold on the roof are also signs of potential problems. It may be time for a new roof if you are noticing higher than average energy bills, moisture or mold in the attic, or leaks after extreme weather. Read full article here…

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